Annual Excavations to Begin at Gorham’s Cave

Annual Excavations to Begin at Gorham’s Cave

Published in the international journal PLoS One, a study has unveiled that Gorham’s Cave was a mother cave for the Neanderthals. On the other hand, the other caves in Gibraltar were visited by them for a short period only.

The report found that the mother cave is to see beginning of the annual excavations from next week. However, Vanguard Cave, which comes under the other caves, and is sister cave to the Gorham’s, is already seeing the work being done in it since a month.

Also, spectacular results have been achieved with the same. Earlier, the site’s potential was indicated by smallscale soundings. Since 2012, the radio-carbon results have shown that this site’s youngest levels were on radiocarbon dating limit, more than 40 thousand years back.

It is being said that sampling was done for dating sand grains this year using the optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) technique. Samples have been taken by the Gibraltar Museum and the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany, from the excavated areas.

The same are likely to allow the team to discover the time frame represented by Vanguard Cave. The work is going alongside to complete the site for World Heritage nomination by 2015.

“Ideas to create a Neanderthal Park that would tell the story of the way of life of these enigmatic humans now receive further support from these latest findings”, avowed the Government.

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