Queensland Residents Asked to Handle Fire Ants

It's time for the Queensland residents and businesses to take responsibility for handling fire ants. Till now, the onus of handling infestations at Queensland was on the State Government. This move is being dubbed as important by the Agriculture Minister John McVeigh.

This responsibility was earlier on the shoulders of fire ant staff but now has been proposed to be delegated to the residents and businesses. However, the pathway for this change is not so smooth. It has come across opposition from the Opposition agriculture spokesman Tim Mulherin. Agriculture Minister John McVeigh has called the move important as the previous method was excessively bureaucratic.

Sharing his apprehensions, Mr. Mulherin said, "I have concerns about this approach. Will people be sufficiently trained to recognise fire ants and not eradicate other harmless types?" Tim Mulherin has described this step as cost-effective. According to him, this step can put 12 years of work of wiping out the pests on risk.

He has been questioning effective treatment measures that would be employed for wiping out fire ants. He queried about safe use of toxic chemicals.

Until now, no explanation has been provided about the agreement to this approach. It has been announced by McVeigh that commercial baits and poison are available and residents can use the products by understanding the labeling requirements.

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