Researchers Fear Rare Bat on Brink of Extinction

Researchers Fear Rare Bat on Brink of Extinction

A recent research has mentioned about a rare bat species, which it said to be on the brink of extinction.

Scientists from the University of Bristol have recently concluded from their four-year-long study the grey long-eared bat which falls among the UK's rarest mammal list, is in danger of extinction from the country.

According to reports submitted by the researchers, after making thorough estimates, they have concluded that only 1,000 of those bats are left and all of them are confined to southern England.

Following their conclusions, the researchers have already started calling for the protection of the bats' foraging habitat. The above research was led by Dr. Orly Razgour and has been published by the Bat Conservation Trust in a new conservation management plan.

Revealing upon the findings of their research, Dr. Orly Razgour said that "We thought there might be more colonies, that it might be less rare than we suspected. But after studying the species for four years, we realized that they are very rare."

Researchers claim the dramatic decline had taken place in the last century. They have particularly talked about the three maternity colonies that they knew, which they say have disappeared in the past few decades.

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