Squirrel-Like-Creature’s Fossil Found in China

Squirrel-Like-Creature’s Fossil Found in China

As per reports, it has been unveiled that a fossil of a squirrel-like- creature has been found in China. The discovery that has taken place in Inner Mongolia has provided useful information.

The discovery has led study researchers to know that features like hair and fur had originated a long time before than the origin of mammals. Zhe-Xi Luo from the University of Chicago said that the creature seems to be date back around 165 million years.

"We finally have a glimpse of what may be the ancestral condition of all mammals, by looking at what is preserved in Megaconus", said Luo from the University of Chicago.

He affirmed that Megaconus was very much present when feathered dinosaurs used to live in Jurassic era. Luo said the discovery will prove beneficial in a number of ways.

It has been said so as transition from pre-mammalian ancestors to modern mammals has not been very clear. But now study researchers will be able to know the details of the transition.

It is said that Megaconus is the second known pre-mammalian fossil that has been found with fur. The specie was also found to be spotting some hair around its abdomen. Not only this, it also had a long tough spur.

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