Breastfeeding Service Available for Gay Parents Now

Breastfeeding Service Available for Gay Parents Now

It might sound strange and practical joke to many, but it is true that a French nurse and a young mother, 29, has been offering breastfeeding serviced to gay parents.

She has given an e-advertisement on website that offers goods and services on rent. The woman, who stays in the Parisian suburb of Boulogne, has claimed of providing breastfeeding services for _20 an hour.

Those who want full day services will be required to pay _100 and for a week's nursing, one needs to shell out _500.

"Gay male couples do not have a chance to breast-feed their babies - however, breast-feeding helps improve babies' health. Mother's milk provides comprehensive nourishment", read the advertisement of the French nurse.

The French nurse has said her advertisement might appear to be a practical joke but she is quite serious about renting out her breasts. She has also made it clear that those who are not serious about the services should not contact her.

Some are saying the ad is the result of the new rule in France that has legalized same sex marriage as well as gay adoption. The law has been passed in this year and the benefit of the same seems to be availed by the French nurse.

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