Maxime Marin Delivers Biggest Child in Spain

Maxime Marin Delivers Biggest Child in Spain

A British woman named Maxime Marin, 40, has recently given birth to her baby girl without imagining that the new doll would be a record-breaker, though in terms of body weight.

That's right! The girl weighing at 6.2kg or 13lbs 11oz has named herself as the biggest baby ever at natural birth in Spain. The Hospital Marina Salud's doctors in Denia, Alicante, said that the woman had an uncomplicated delivery.

Ms. Marin herself avowed that she did not felt the need for an epidural even. She as well as the baby has been doing well. However, Maria Lorena, the newborn, has been kept in the neonatal care unit for now.

Ms. Marin said that she was aware that her unborn baby was big, but she had never hoped for her to be this big. According to the department of obstetrics and gynaecology's Dr. Javier Rius, they were satisfied with the work conducted by them.

Dr. Rius added, "In my 40-year professional career I have never known of any case of a birth with this weight by natural childbirth".

The report found that larger babies were often delivered through caesarean section. But, Ms. Marin had a natural delivery. She earlier has given birth to three children, who weighed at some 4.5kg at birth each.

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