Farmers Gather to Protest against Low Egg Prices

Farmers Gather to Protest against Low Egg Prices

As per the revelations of a report, a rogue French farmer group has lately taken a step of a livid egg-breaking rampage. Tens of thousands of these have been devastated by them on roads.

The farmers have pledged that they would continue to destroy these in a protest against low prices. Almost 100,000 eggs would be destroyed each day, they said.

Over 100,000 eggs have already been devastated in the Cotes d'Armor, said the unnamed collective of angry poultry farmers' spokesperson.

It is for several months now, the report said, that the farmers have been complaining of rock-bottom egg prices for overproduction. The same is such a problem, which could impact other nations in the European Union as well.

Farmers affirmed that the prices prevailing at present were not enough for making up for an increase in the production costs. The same could even not prove adequate for investments that they needed to make as an EU directive's part. The directive had come into effect in January 2012 so as to ensure protection of the laying hens' well-being.

"We will continue to destroy 100,000 eggs a day until Sunday. The protest movement would become more radical "with inevitable collateral damage" if the group's demands are not met", a spokesman was quoted as saying.

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