Human Trafficking Ring Arrested in Spain and France

Human Trafficking Ring Arrested in Spain and France

As many as 75 people are arrested against a human trafficking ring in a joint operation of French and Spain Police.

According to the Spanish Ministry of the Interior, out of total 75 people, 24 were arrested in France and the rest 51 people were arrested in Spain in the month of June. All the suspects are identified as Asian. Two people among those arrested are part of a network based in Barcelona.

According to the officials, these people took a huge amount of somewhere between $53,000 and $66,000 for sending Chinese people to the United States of America and many countries in the Europe. These traffickers used to prepare false identities of these people.

"The composition of this perfectly structured, hierarchical organisation, with its kingpin in China and independent cells operating in different countries, completely shut off from each other, complicated the investigation," announced the police.

Officials said that migrants were also sexually exploited by these traffickers. These traffickers used to be with the migrants from China to Spain. Final destination of the all the clients used to be U. K or the U. S.

It took a period of long two years for the police to complete the investigation.

The police have found 81 fake passports from the countries like Malaysia, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and South Korea.

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