Swedish Scientists Confirm Existence of Ununpentium

Swedish Scientists Confirm Existence of Ununpentium

A group of Swedish scientists recently came up with claims that a new chemical element's presence has finally been corroborated.

On Tuesday, the team from the Lund University said that several experiments conducted by it had revealed the fingerprint of the element called ununpentium. The new element, reportedly, is super-heavy and short-lived.

Amongst other important and eminent elements come silicon, iron and carbon.

Russian as well as a team from the United States has already announced similar findings back 10 years. Yes! The new element was first found in 2004. However, the studies were not verified as of now.

In order to form the element to study it, a highly quick calcium beam with 20 protons was shot at a film of americium. The latter is an element containing 95 protons.

The element has got only a provisional name for now. The name implies the 115th place held by it in the periodic table. It is being said that the component is likely to receive a new name if International Union of Pure and Applied Physics and Chemistry's experts give green signal to the same.

"A committee comprising members of the international unions of pure and applied physics and chemistry will review the new findings to decide whether to recommend further experiments", said the university.

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