Life on Mars: Selection of First Group to Land and Live on the Red Planet has Started

Life on Mars: Selection of First Group to Land and Live on the Red Planet has St

In 2023, a permanent human settlement will be established on the Red Planet, Mars, by the Mars One. People will land there to live life and for this, selections have started.

India is ranked second in the list of countries whose maximum people are interested in settling on Mars forever.

Via a non-profit foundation that is offering opportunities for the same, 20,747 applications have been submitted. Thanks to the existing technologies that have enabled the settlement of human life on this planet.

Recently, the first round of Mars One Astronaut Selection Program was carried out. It was a five-month-long selection procedure. Around 2,02,586 people applied from all over the world.

Americans topped the list with 47,654 applications. Then was India with 20,747, China with 13,176, Brazil with 10,289, Britain with 8497, Canada with 8241, Russia with 8197, Mexico with 7464, Philippines with 4365 and Spain with 3722 applications.

In next two years, three additional rounds will be carried out by the Mars One selection committee to select the prospective Martian settlers from this pool of applicants.

By 2015, six-ten teams of four individuals will be selected and all the members will be accordingly trained for next seven years. In 2023, the first team of humans will be sent to Mars for living there permanently.

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