Squids Camouflaging Act May Prove Beneficial for Soldiers

Squids Camouflaging Act May Prove Beneficial for Soldiers

Squids are one of the most mysterious creatures on Earth. Calamari squid, popular deep-fried one, can easily change its appearance and get mixed in any environment.

According to a research done at University of California, the ability of squids to change its skin color could prove better camouflage for soldiers.

Squids have significant ability to change their skin texture in order to protect themselves from their rivals.

Researchers had developed a film that could hide people from night vision cameras and infra-red detection. This film was made by combining reflectin with graphene.

Reflectin is a protein, which is responsible for change in appearance of squids and graphene is a super-thin conductive material made of carbon atoms.

Change in camouflage clothing depends on its reflection by infrared light or by change in humidity. It could be turned to "invisible" mode when the humidity is higher especially during the night time.

Official of Naval Research approved millions of dollars to marine biologists to research on squid-inspired camouflage since 2009.

Alon Gorodetsky, Assistant Professor of chemical engineering and materials science at University of California, said: "Our long-term goal is to create fabrics that can dynamically alter their texture and color to adapt to their environments".

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