1,400-year-old Skeletons found in Maya city of Uxul, Mexico

1,400-year-old Skeletons found in Maya city of Uxul, Mexico

In the Maya city of Uxul, Mexico, 1,400-year-old skeletons were discovered in an artificial cave. As per a report released by the University of Bonn, researchers are considering the skeletons to be of war prisoners or of Uxul nobles.

Of the total 24 skeletons, 13 were of men and two of women. The researchers have also estimated the age of 15 skeletons. It is assumed that many of them died due to starvation and tooth decay.

The skulls were totally separated from the bodies. Even the bottom jaws were also separated from the skulls in some of the many skeletons. The bones were specially covered with clay for more than thousand years to preserve them.

According to the released report, a skull with unhealed fracture was found. This fracture was likely to be caused by a hit from a cudgel. Signs of wounds caused due to hitting by sharp objects were also noticed in some of the skulls.

It is clear that all had a brutal death. "The discovery of the mass grave proves that the dismemberment of prisoners of war and opponents often represented in Maya art was in fact practiced", said Prof. Dr. Nikolai Grube.

An isotope study should be carried out by the scientists so as to resolve the issue regarding the origin of this group.

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