Earwax Sheds Light on Blue Whale’ Life

Earwax Sheds Light on Blue Whale’ Life

It is for the first time ever that the ear-wax of a lifeless creature has laid bare the whole story of its life. Baylor University's Stephen Trumble, in Waco, Texas, said that the ear-wax acted akin to a diary for them.

The earplug is a long wax piece that reportedly mounted up in the ear of a blue whale for its lifetime. The wax akin to a beat-up candle was analyzed. The research revealed that the same could tell the age of a whale.

Trumble's colleague, Sascha Usenko, said that chemicals were probably carried by the earplug. Chemical scrutiny of the earwax uncovered that the whale had got a big load of organic pollutants during its initial year from its mother.

The wax unveiled that the granddad blue whale was around 12 years and six months old at the time of its demise. The whale was found grounded in 2007.

The report suspected that the marine mammal was slaughtered amid an accident with a ship off the California coast.

"One of the most profound advantages offered by earplugs is the ability to retrospectively examine critical issues through the analysis of archived museum samples, some of which were harvested in the 1950", said the researchers.

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