PopSci Shuts Down Public Comments on Scientific Topics

PopSci Shuts Down Public Comments on Scientific Topics

According to a survey, enabling people to comment on the sites can be bad. The same has happened with the PopularScience. com and as a result, they are shutting them off.

It was seen that when people were asked to react, they reacted neutrally. It was found when comments were disabled on Professor Brossard’s study, which involved perception of a fictitious nanotechnology article.

But the comments of the people also turned negative on certain science topics.

According to a journal paper published by Dominique Brossard, a Life Sciences Communication professor at the Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison, when the blog is about science, publication at least attempts to back their conclusion with a scientific study. But the case is not the same when it comes to the people’s comments.

PopSci claims that vague comments of the people interfere with the ability of the site to indoctrinate the readers.

Everything from evolution to the origins of climate change is debated by the readers if the comments are enabled. This hampers the authenticity of the site as anyone can give any kind of opinion on earth regarding the topic.

People login to science sites to gain knowledge and expertise in the desired field or topic, but the unauthentic and unreasonable comments on the site degrades the studies published by the sites.

As a result the site PopSci disabled public comments on its site to protect the authenticity and maintain the level of information on it.

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