Scientists Discover Powerhouse for Cosmic Storms in Magnetotail

Scientists Discover Powerhouse for Cosmic Storms in Magnetotail

The cosmic storm powerhouse has now been found by a group of scientists at the University of California, Los Angeles. It is being expected that the latest discovery would prove advantageous when it comes to prediction of stormy space weather.

The prediction is very much necessary as the global power systems could be dislocated due to stormy weather. Also, astronauts, at times, could be exposed to fatal radiation bursts.

Experts said that the finding could even be helpful in providing insight into the extravagant auroras on the polar regions of Earth.

The magnetic field of Earth helped the team discover the powerhouse. The stunning displays of northern lights of the planet are fuelled by the same.

The report said that Earth's magnetic field is bombarded by charged particles in strong solar storms. Also, high-energy particles could be sent be them into the magnetic field's long tail. These in turn could go to Earth as geomagnetic storms.

The Earth's magnetic field is dubbed the magnetotail. As per the findings, particles and plasma are streamed by the solar wind from the sun at some 1 million mph pace.

"The results show that even teeny tiny microphysics and very localized processes can have consequences for the whole environment of Earth", said THEMIS project scientist David Sibeck, from NASA Goddard Spaceflight Center.

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