Exxon to Provide Benefits to Same-Sex Married Couples

Exxon to Provide Benefits to Same-Sex Married Couples

As per recent reports, it has been unveiled that Exxon Mobil Corp has made an announcement that is going to benefit legally married same-sex couples in the US.

The company has affirmed that they will be considering the legally married same-sex couples for health care plans. The Texas-based firm provides benefits to its employees and retired ones in the US.

But now it has been decided that they will be providing benefits to married same-sex couples. As per the announcement, if gay couple is married in the state or country, where gay marriage is legal then his or her spouse will be applicable for benefits.

It is quite a welcoming change from Exxon as the company is said to be facing a number of allegations with regard to same-sex discrimination. When asked from the firm then it was of the view that they have bene following the US Government.

Not only Exxon, but there are many companies that have now started providing benefits to same-sex married couples. "We haven't changed our eligibility criteria. It has always been to follow the federal definition and it will continue to follow the federal definition", affirmed Alan Jeffers, Exxon spokesman.

Jeffers continued by affirming they are providing the benefit to same-sex married couples in 30 countries.

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