MAHLI On-Board Curiosity Captures HD Image of a Penny

MAHLI On-Board Curiosity Captures HD Image of a Penny

MAHLI has sent a beautiful picture of a 1909 VDB penny back to Earth. The penny, as per the report, was carried to the red planet by Curiosity of NASA.

The penny was imprinted within the initial year when Lincoln cents had become available in Philadelphia. The report said that the same is the MAHLI calibration target's part and had arrived from Earth.

MAHLI or Mars Hand Lens Imager is a term for an instrument on-board the rover. It captured the picture of high-definition on October 2 in Mars' northern Gale crater.

The pictures, the team said, were captured on the 411th Martian day-of the mission, i. e. on sol 411. It is being said that the image of the coin has the highest resolution that could ever be acquitted by the MAHLI.

MAHLI's Deputy Principal Investigator, R. Aileen Yingst, who is also a senior scientist at Planetary Science Institute, said that the image was attained amid a test. The MAHLI was for the first time ever placed by the robotic arm of the rover so close to its aim. The goal was to get the highest-possible resolution of MAHLI.

"Everyone is really enamoured with the complexity and difficulty and the ultimate success of putting the Curiosity rover on the ground that was only one metric ton", said NASA's Mars Science Laboratory's former director, Doug McCuistion.

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