Bee-friendly garden bulbs for young and old

Bee-friendly garden bulbs for young and old

The Save the British Bee campaign is witnessing a huge support from both kids and grown-ups of the Glendale care home in Walton in an attempt to plant bee-friendly bulbs in every home garden.

During the last week of September students from the gardening class at the Walton Oak primary school were supported by Marion Cooper, from the Surrey Bee Keepers' Association.

She talked about the campaign and informed the significant role of bees in our environment and also showed how bees stayed in a hive.

"We all felt we had to do our part because helping the honey bee will secure the diverse wildlife of this country for future generations," said Patrick Gonsaro, business manager of Glendale.

The bee-friendly bulbs were donated by Chris Ollive from TMGS Grounds and Gardens Maintenance.

Anchor's Bee Friendly campaign conducted the gardening event with an aim of bringing kids and older people to work as a team to make British gardens environment friendly to honey bees.

Glendale's chef made honey cakes to celebrate honey bees for all those who took part in the event organised by the charity.

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