Blood in 46-Year-Old Mozzie Surprises Researchers

Blood in 46-Year-Old Mozzie Surprises Researcher

Mosquitoes are not new to suck blood of humans and hack them off. But, a new study has discovered that mozzies have even been getting on the nerves of other creatures.

In fact, they are being annoyed for a much longer period than humans, i. e. for some 50 million years. Scientists said that they had evidence for their claims. They found ancient mosquito blood.

Yes! Though, it appears akin to Jurassic Park-named novel's plot, the female fossilized mosquito has hinted the first ever blood-engorged mosquito fossil in the world. The specimen is around 46 million years old, red blood cell components of whom have been found.

The specimen was lying ensnared in oil shale i. e. an ancient lakebed's sedimentary rock in north-western Montana. The National Museum of Natural History's Dale Greenwalt, lead researcher, said that the insect was unique and its preservation was a highly implausible event.

An earlier research has proven that one's DNA could not survive for over 6.8 million years. Thus, said the researchers, any genetic material could not be reached.

"The discovery also shows that blood-filled mosquitoes were already feeding at that time, suggesting that they were around much earlier and could have fed on dinosaurs", said paleo-entomologist George Poinar.

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