Extinction of Dinosaurs and Bees Happened at Same Time: Research

Extinction of Dinosaurs and Bees Happened at Same Time: Research

According to researchers, there was a widespread extinction of the bees from the planet Earth about 66 million years ago. This event happened at the time when dinosaurs were also almost extinct.

The end of the species of dinosaurs was due to an asteroid that hit the surface of the Earth and finished almost all the existing species of the planet. The scientists also believe that only some species were selected at that time to be totally extinct from our planet.

The teams of scientists, who have written in the Plos One journal, have used fossils and DNA analysis to prove that one bee species suffered a lot during that time.

The bees selected by the scientists for their study were within the subfamily known as Xylocopinae. This subfamily of the bees also includes carpenter bees.

It is also believed by the researchers that a widespread extinction among flowering was also sighted. This event also took place during the Cretaceous-Paleogene (K-Pg) extinction event, about 66 million years ago.

As a result the researchers also assume that the bees that depended upon these plants for their food have also met the same end.

The paper's lead author Sandra Rehan, who is a biologist at the University of New Hampshire in Dunham, said, "The data told us something major was happening in four different groups of bees at the same time".

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