AIRO Tracks Nutrition Passively

AIRO Tracks Nutrition Passively

Ontario, Canada-based AIRO Health will be launching a wearable sensor in fall of 2014. Well, the announcement has been recently made by AIRO Health. AIRO tracks heart activity, instead of steps. And AIRO tracks nutrition passively, instead of manual entry.

Wavelengths of lights are used by AIRO's nutrition tracker to look into the bloodstream to figure out metabolites. These are known to get released during and after the user's meal.

Amount of consumed calories is figured out by the tracker with the help of these metabolites. Co-founder Abhilash Jayakumar told MobiHealthNews that AIRO has successfully detected accurate calorie readings eight out of 10 times, after some internal testing.

Jayakumar said, "One morning I had a granola bar. The packaging said 170 calories, but within like 90 minutes AIRO sent back it was 162. The exact caloric content of a certain meal is based on how each individual's metabolism works".

Once the prototypes of AIRO are available to the company, the products will be sent for more testing so that researchers can validate the data, Jayakumar said in an email. Talks have already been held by AIRO with some researchers in the area.

AIRO is a device that tracks activity on the user's heart rate.

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