New Mexico People Using Cages to Protect Children from Wolf Attack

New Mexico People Using Cages to Protect Children from Wolf Attack

There are chances that New Mexico wolves can be part of Endangered Species Act protection. It has been said so as the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service has proposed the above mentioned idea.

If the ruling gets passed then it would be illegal to kill the wolves. This has made people to start taking precautionary measures in order to prevent the wolf attack. One such measure is chicken coop made in wood.

One can often see children waiting for their school bus in New Mexico in this cage. These cages, as per parents, are meant to protect children from wolf attack.

Catron County Sheriff Shawn Menges has affirmed that many times, children have to wait and it is not necessary that they are always accompanied by an adult. Therefore, these cages have been designed in such a manner that children can wait in them while waiting for the bus.

On the other hand, Eva Sargent from Defenders of Wildlife has termed this kind of reaction to unneeded. "There's been absolutely zero, nada, zilch attacks on humans by wolves in the Southwest, so I think these cages are a reaction to a non-problem”, affirmed Sargent.

Sargent continued by affirming that in more than four decades, there have been just three wolf cases on humans.

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