Scientists Believe Clay Hydrogels is the Birthplace of life on Earth

Scientists Believe Clay Hydrogels is the Birthplace of life on Earth

According to a new study, it has been revealed that clay might be the birthplace of life on earth. Biologist engineers from the Cornell University said that clay is infertile blend of minerals. It is also considered to be made up of complex bio-chemicals that make life possible.

Dan Luo is a Prof. of biological and environmental engineering and a member of the Kavli Institute at Cornell for Nanoscale Science. He said that according to the geological history the hydrogel present in clay provides a constrained function of bio-molecules and bio-chemical reactions.

Hydrogel is defined as the mass of microscopic spaces that is capable of soaking up liquids like a sponge. Clay is defined as the material that has the tendency to form hydro gel, when soaked in sea water.

It has been believed that about billions of years ago, the chemicals present at that time must have carried out some chemical reactions. This would have resulted in the formation of proteins, DNA and all those that that are necessary for the existence of life on earth.

After seeing a lot of benefits of clay hydrogels, scientists are using it for their own benefits. They use it for producing large quantities of proteins that will be used in manufacturing of various drugs.

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