Life was Created out of Clay: Study

Life was Created out of  Clay: Study

A new research has come up with findings that support believers of many religions that life was created out of the clay. Scientists have discovered that life probably originated in ancient clay hydrogels. They said that life could not have appeared without the necessary complex precursor chemicals.

Dan Luo of Cornell University in the States said in early geological history a confinement function for biomolecules and biochemical reactions must have been provided by clay hydrogel.

S. Luo and his colleagues are of the belief that the early amino acids and suchlike came together to form life after the ancient clay's confinement permitted the same. The process continued and eventually evolved into highly developed organisms such as Register readers.

The revelation made by the researchers is not surprising for followers of many major world religions. It has been clearly mentioned in the Bible that it was the typical mechanism for the appearance of life. The Quran and ancient Greek mythology also believe the same.

The new research from Cornell University suggested that the life could have been created in wet clay.

"While the exact mechanisms remain to be delineated, we speculate that evolution might have already selected certain enzymes to be much more functional in the clay hydrogel environment than others", wrote the researchers.

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