Researchers Find Novel Species of Hammerhead Shark

Researchers Find Novel Species of Hammerhead Shark

According to a new report, scientists have found new species of hammerhead shark near populated areas off South Carolina. Earlier, researchers found species that are often small in size that are even not noticeable.

But, researchers are surprised after seeing such a big creature for the first time in populated areas off South Carolina. Researchers said that this creature seems virtually equal to that of scalloped hammerhead. The main difference between two creatures is that they are genetically distinct and has 10 less vertebrate.

According to a study published in August, this species of sharks gives birth to shark `pups' near the shore off the Carolinas. Joe Quattro, fish expert, has been appointed by scientists from University of South Carolina to the find the sharks near the shore.

He gathered 80 young sharks and analyzed the DNA samples of these species. Researchers resulted that they appear similar to scalloped hammerheads. These species are very less in number as researchers confirmed that only five tissue cells of cryptic species are found outside of South Carolina.

Quattro said: "Since the cryptic species is much rarer than the [more widespread one], God only knows what its population levels have dropped to".

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