People Demands to Cut Usage of Wind Turbines

People Demands to Cut Usage of Wind Turbines

The advancement in the field of science and engineering, leads to development of new machines and equipments. These techniques prove more beneficial than earlier existing ones. Earlier, wind turbines were used to generate electricity, but now scientists believe it is totally useless.

People also complain of the noise pollution caused by them because they believe it affects their health. People also suggested placing these turbines at remote places, but this option was not supported by rich political donors in the northeast. They rejected this option because they do not want their yachting to get spoiled.

The administration has decided to give severe punishments to those, who try to put some harm to wind mills that are under judiciary carpets. Political people who believes that wind energy is clean are also been criticized by the people. They said that these political people do not know that these turbines causes death of about 600,000 bats every year.

They said the bats are killed not only by their collision with the wind turbines but also with the trauma resulting from sudden changes in air pressure. Mark Hayes, University of Colorado, said that politicians are unaware of this increasing number of bats death. He said that some steps must be taken in order to prevent their lives from getting extinct.

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