Researchers Training a Robot to Work as Safe Cashier

Researchers Training a Robot to Work as Safe Cashier

A group of researchers is striving hard to ensure robots are safe to be used as grocery store cashiers.

For ensuring the same, they are empowering a robot to properly and safely handle a variety of objects. This is significant as mishandling of sharp knives to egg cartons can scare customers. Researchers are teaching the robot, dubbed as Baxter, based on human feedback in a grocery-store scenario.

Ashutosh Saxena is an assistant professor of computer science at Cornell. He said in a statement that they are leaving no stone unturned in providing a lot of flexibility to the robot for effective learning.

He said, "The robot can learn from corrective human feedback in order to plan its actions that are suitable to the environment and the objects present".

Baxter is a robot created by a Boston-based startup called Rethink Robotics. Prime motive behind developing such a robot was to enable it to work in assembly lines alongside people. However, researchers later on realized that Baxter has the ability to learn skills of a cashier.

The Neural Information Processing Systems conference will be organized in Lake Tahoe, California, next month. Saxena and colleagues will be presenting their work on Baxter during the conference.

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