Wallace Honored with Statue at London's Natural History Museum

Wallace Honored with Statue at London's Natural History Museum

In the ceremony of 100 years of London's National History Museum, Sir David Attenborough and the comedian Bill Bailey unveiled a life-size bronze statue. This statue was sculptured by Anthony Smith in the memory of forgotten scientist's death.

The statue was of Alfred Russel Wallace, who is standing in a field with his equipment used to collect insects. This statue describes the time, when he was in his thirties and he first saw the magnificent golden bird wing butterfly. At that time Wallace was so happy that he suffered a headache for the whole day in the rainforest of Bacan Island.

Anthony presented this statue, which will be placed outside the new Darwin Centre 2 building. It is only the place, where earlier specimens of Wallace are also displayed. Earlier, some plans were made to honor the death of the Llanbadoc-born scientist, when he died in 1913. But, because of the First World War outbreak, these plans were discarded.

Having a look on his past history, Mr. Wallace has been credited for co-discovering the process of evolution by natural selection with Charles Darwin in 1858. He stepped on earth at Kensington House, Llanbadoc, in

`Wallace Line' was among the number of discoveries of Wallace, where species from either side of the line are of two distinct origins.

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