Certain Folk Tales have Common Source of Origin: Study

Certain Folk Tales have Common Source of Origin: Study

A research has taken place in which study researchers have talked about a fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood. The tale has a number of versions, but study researchers are of the view that stories like this have originated from a common source.

They affirmed the same when they got to know that similar stories were prevalent in countries Africa, Asia and Korea. The story is about a young girl who always red cape and of a bad wolf.

With passage of time, numerous versions have been developed of the story. In different countries, depiction of girl and wolf has changed. To cite some examples, in the story, The Wolf and the Kids, popular in Europe and the Middle East, wolf mimics a nanny and eats the little girl.

In the story that is prevalent in Africa and Asia, the wolf is replaced with tiger. In order to reach at the above given result, study researchers have assessed 58 stories through phylogenetic analysis.

After doing the analysis, study researchers were able to find 72 plot variables. Some of the plot variables were the tricks used by villain to mislead the victim and the way victim is rescued and shades of protagonist and villain.

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