Researchers Study Asteroids inside Asteroid Belt

Researchers Study Asteroids inside Asteroid Belt

Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have found that asteroids that are lying inside the asteroid belt, situated between Mars and Jupiter, are redder as compared to asteroids fall on the surface of Earth. The falling asteroids are known as meteorites.

It was believed that color variation was caused because of cosmic emission changing the surface material of asteroids. However, the earth's gravity had an impact on near-Earth asteroids as these were not reddened by cosmic radiation.

Researchers have found that Mars is also responsible for shaking up the surface material. The research published in the journal Icarus, established that the 60 asteroids, 10 percent did not revolve around Earth, indicating Mars played a role in stimulating these space objects.

"We don't think Earth is the only major driver anymore, and it opens our minds to the possibility that there are other things happening in the solar system causing these asteroids to be refreshed", said MIT researcher Francesca DeMeo in a statement.

In the year 2010, Richard Binzel, a professor of planetary sciences at MIT, found that asteroids that bypass near Earth "quake" under pressure of gravity of the planet.

In a recent study, Binzel and Francesca DeMeo that Mars has a similar effect on asteroids when they pass through the Red Planet.

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