Scientists Concerned over Global Warming Changes

Scientists Concerned over Global Warming Changes

The continuous global warming is posing risks of drastic as well as rapid changes in the systems of the earth. According to scientists, global warming is affecting as well as radically changing many human and natural systems on earth.

According to a scientific panel's warning, it is quite possible that the polar sea ice collapses soon due to the fast changing temperatures of the earth's atmosphere. Also the experts claim that there are possibilities of mass extinction of plants as well as animals due to the heating up of the surface of the earth.

The scientist have also analyzed that due to this rapid change of temperatures their can also be a threat of immense dead zones in the ocean.

But, on the other hand the panel of the scientists are also of the opinion that some of the worst-case fears about the change in the climate due to global warming could be ruled out as unlikely, at least over the next century.

These fears also include the predicted sudden belch of methane from the Arctic, which according to the researchers is capable of frying the whole planet as well as of shutting down of the heat circulation in the Atlantic Ocean which would result in the chilling of nearly lands.

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