Average Price of Gasoline Witnesses Rise

Average Price of Gasoline Witnesses Rise

As per the Lundberg survey, it has been unveiled that the average price of a gallon of gasoline has increased over the past two weeks in the United States.

If to include figures and statistics then a gallon of gasoline costs$3.28 a gallon. It has been found that a rise of 2.7 cents has been found. "The rise comes from mostly from two elements: One is slightly higher crude oil prices and the other is some profit margin recovery at the retail station level", affirmed Trilby Lundberg, publisher of the study.

It has been found that the prices of the gasoline have witnessed a rise second time in a row. A survey was carried out on November 22 and at that time rise of 3.4 cents was witnessed. But such was not the case in September and even in the start of November as at the time the price have reduced.

Lundberg was of the view that there are chances that change will be witnessed in the coming time as well. There is a need for the same even if oil prices do not increase as US refiners need to have the gasoline margin recovery in the same way as the retailers have received lately.

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