Researchers find Evidence of Ancient Super-volcanoes in Utah

Researchers find Evidence of Ancient Super-volcanoes in Utah

New report states scientists have found some evidence of ancient super-volcanoes in Utah. Some geologists in Utah said evidence of largest volcanic eruptions in the earth's history lies mostly in Utah.

It has been reported by researchers from the Brigham Young University that currently, super-volcanoes are no longer active. They said about 30 million years ago, they busted to almost two million cubic feet of magma for a period of about one week.

This incident took place near Wah Wah Springs in west-central Utah. Researchers said this eruption was 5,000 times larger than the 1980 Mount St. Helens eruption. Eric Christiansen, one of the researchers, said: "In southern Utah, deposits from this single eruption are 13,000 feet thick. Imagine the devastation-it would have been catastrophic to anything living within hundreds of miles".

Researchers said the eruption at that time had devastated a vast region extending from central Utah to central Nevada. They added the traces of ash after this explosion have been discovered as far away as Nebraska. This research has been reported in the journal Geosphere.

Researchers said they found the evidence of not the single above mentioned event, but also of the 15 super-eruptions and 20 large calderas.

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