Emperor Penguins Huddle up Close to keep Out Cold: Study

Emperor Penguins Huddle up Close to keep Out Cold: Study

Researchers have come up with findings to suggest for the first time that Emperor penguin birds huddle up close in group of thousands to stay warm.

It has been showed by researchers that they gather in organized structures to ensure that each penguin is able to trigger mass movements in the group. It is similar to the movement of cars in traffic jam.

Daniel Zitterbart is a physicist at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg in Germany. He is the one who captured their movement in a camera to analyze the same for penguin herds.

He said when one penguin begins to wave, it travels in both directions. He added that when the temperatures go below zero degrees Fahrenheit, colonies of Emperor penguins gather in a big group to use each other bodies so as to keep the cold out. They keep themselves warm by avoiding the wind, because of the structured gathering.

"From a penguin perspective, you are as near [a neighbor] as possible, but not too near that you compress your feathers", he added. According to him, penguins are well capable of staying in formation for nine hours at a time, especially at temperatures nearing -60 degrees F.

Zitterbart and his colleagues have published the findings in the New Journal of Physics.

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