Save Cute Mammals by having Control on Global Warming

Save Cute Mammals by having Control on Global Warming

Global warming and change in climatic conditions have been an issue from past many years across the globe. Humans are always held responsible for the cause of global warming and thus causing change in climatic conditions.

Global warming is basically caused by an increase in level of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and other harmful gases in the atmosphere. American Pika is a small mammal with short limbs, herbivorous, related to rabbits and hares. According to a new report, researchers said that increase in temperature have put a threat to lives of an American Pika.

This small creature has been able to adapt their behavior to a warming planet by eating mosses. Researchers from Center for Biological Diversity said that rising temperatures have forced these creatures to change their types of plants in the alpine meadows on which they feed.

Jo Varner, a doctoral student at the U, said: "They may be more flexible than we gave them credit for in terms of their ability to adapt their diet by eating mosses". Researchers have been requesting people to step forward and contribute themselves in having a control over global warming, so that these small creatures should not have to suffer any more.

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