London Zookeepers in their Mission to Count Inhabitants

London Zookeepers in their Mission to Count Inhabitants

It has been reported that dozens of zookeepers in London are in their mission to count very resident mammal, bird, fish, invertebrate, reptile and amphibian for zoo's annual animal census. It has been reported that there are about 19,000 animals of more than 850 species in the zoo, varying on basis of their weight, size and shape.

Researchers said they count small ants and insects in their colonies, whereas big creatures are counted separately. Mark Habben, Zoological Manager, said that some creatures are counted very easily, but it needs a lot of patience and cunningness to count some big creatures.

"And social animals like squirrel monkeys and meerkats can be quite difficult, because they are moving around so quickly and you don't want to count same animal twice", said Mark. The collected data by the scientists is stored in an international computer database of animal collections.

It has been reported that this data will be used to plan zoo management and to plan breeding programs for many endangered species. Habben said it takes about 10 days by the researchers to count total number of creatures in the zoo.

Some of the names of new arrivals at the zoo will be a baby Malaysian tapir, a young okapi, two flamingo chicks and first spiny-headed lizards, which is born in Britain.

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