Novel and Effective Way of Detecting Cervical Cancer Developed

Novel and Effective Way of Detecting Cervical Cancer Developed

In a breakthrough revelation, a novel and easy method to detect cervical cancer has been developed. A research has been carried out by a group of researchers from University of Louisville in Kentucky.

The researchers have developed a simple blood test to detect the cancer and it will also reveal the stage of the cancer as well. "We are able to demonstrate if the current treatment is effective so that clinicians will be able to better tailor care for each patient", said Nichola Garbett from University of Louisville.

One of the special things that have been used for the detection is the heat profile called a plasma thermogram from person's blood. This aspect has been used in the test to detect the cancer.

The revelation of the same has been published in the Journal Plos One. The study researchers were of the view that the plasma thermogram profile is not same when a person is having cervical cancer.

There is a way by which thermogram profile is made. The study researchers have explained that its sample is melted and that results into person's health status.

The study researchers said that the key to the method is not its melting temperature, but the shape of the heat profile.

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