New ‘Device Control System’ to Make Robots Smarter and Safer

New -Device-Control-System-Robots-Smarter-and-Safer

Researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology have made a control system that is capable of increasing the intelligence level of robots. Billy Gallagher, a recent Georgia Tech Ph.D. graduate in robotics led the project.

For instance, a person hanging a car door on a hinge make use of a lever to give directions to a robot carrying the door. The power-assisting gadget sounds practical but it is not easy to use. To make this practical, researchers have used arm sensors that can 'read' muscle movements of an individual.

The information is sent to robot with the help of sensors and thereby permitting them to predict the movements of humans and correct them. It is considered that the system will improve time, safety and efficiency in manufacturing plants.

Large and fast-moving robots are not observed usually in manufacturing plants. Humans also avoid working together with robots because of safety reasons. Billy Gallagher, says that the problem arises because muscle stiffness of a person never remains constant and a robot does not always know how to correctly response.

Jun Ueda, Gallagher's advisor and a professor in the Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering, says, "The robot becomes confused. It doesn't know whether the force is purely another command that should be amplified or 'bounced' force due to muscle co-contraction".

Arm sensors help by reading the person's muscle actions and shooting those records to a computer. The operating system finds out the definite status of the operator and communicates that information to the bot. This helps in working of human and robots more efficiently.

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