Falcons Hunting Method Revealed

Falcons Hunting Method Revealed

A recent study conducted by researchers from Haverford College in Pennsylvania has revealed that Peregrine Falcons practice tracking method to hunt their prey at fast speed of more than 300 kilometers per hour.

The technique used by falcons is quite similar to the one adopted by sailors. Sailors navigate their ships in a way that helps averting collisions. This technique is also called as constant bearing.

Peregrine Falcons are known to be the greatest predators on Earth.

The researchers fixed camera sensors on the back of these birds and observed their hunting method in details. Earlier, it was believed that Falcons descend in a spiral path from a height to catch their prey and keep their heads straight in order to gain speed and all this while they keep an eye on their target from an angle of 45 degree.

But the analysis made with the help of video footage suggests that the falcons hunting method is very similar to the one used by Sailors.

Falcons pay more attention to the next anticipated move of their targets and fly in that direction.

The study also includes the hunting technique used by hierofalcons, a species similar to falcons.

The report has been published in New Scientist.

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