‘Bio-bot’ Design to Explore Aquatic World of Micro-Organisms

‘Bio-bot’ Design to Explore Aquatic World of Micro-Organisms

According to a new report, researchers from the University of Illinois have designed a microscopic organism to explore viscous environments like inside of human body. 'Bio-bot' is a microscopic biological machine that swims like a sperm inside a human body.

This microscopic device has been designed with minimum amount of moving parts that swims with heart cells. It is made up of flexible polymer and is also propelled by a long-tail section to navigate the aquatic world of micro-organisms.

Taher Saif, a Prof. of mechanical science and engineering from the University of Illinois, said: "Micro-organisms have a whole world that we only glimpse through the microscope. This is the first time that an engineered system has reached this underworld".

The study, which has been published in the journal Nature Communications, leaves an 'exciting advance' in making of self-propelled biological robots.

A two-tailed version of the same robot with more enhancing features was also designed by the researchers in their development phase. But, they rejected it because of its increased size.

Researchers believe that with the help of 'bio-bot' device, they will be able to detect cancer cells and human toxins inside human body. This will help them in accurately treating the disease without causing any damage to the internal health of the body, which is nowadays associated with following of traditional surgeries.

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