The First of Three Bald Eagles’ Eggs Hatch

The First of Three Bald Eagles’ Eggs Hatch

Three eggs in total were laid by bald eagles nesting in Pittsburgh. The first of the three started to hatch on Friday afternoon and the first glimpse of the eaglet was seen around 2.30 pm. The eaglet is in the nest in the Hays section of Pittsburgh, near the Monongahela River.

The mother eagle moved aside and provided an opportunity to witness a clear view of the little newborn, said Bill Powers, president and CEO of PixController. The Pennsylvania Game Commission has also confirmed the hatching.

PixController Inc., a Murrysville-based company has been working with the Pennsylvania Game Commission to provide a live web camera on the nest in the city's Hays neighborhood. It is the second year for this pair of bald eagles that have nested in the Hays neighborhood.

For now, the gender of the bird is not known and it is also not definite that whether the egg that has hatched was the first one laid. On February 19, the first egg was laid, second one laid on Feb22 and the last egg on Feb 25.

Since the time, eggs were laid eagle fans have anxiously waited to see the hatching of the eagle. In general, bald eagle eggs are incubated for an average 35 days before they are hatched.

Jim Bonner, executive director of the Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania, said the new eaglet would not eat much in the first 24 hours. But parents will feed the eaglet as soon as it is ready.

"The parents will stay on the eggs and chick both, incubating the remaining eggs and helping to warm the chick, which can't thermoregulate itself yet", said Bonner.

The hatching has increased viewership of the eagle camera to more than 13,000 viewers at one time Friday afternoon.

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