Facebook Makes You Concerned for Your Appearance: Study

Facebook Makes You Concerned for Your Appearance: Study

A new study has revealed that women who spend more time on Facebook become more concerned about how they look. A team of researchers at Live Science in partnership with the National Science Foundation conducted the study, which found that approximately 86% of women wanted to lose weight in comparison to 61% of surveyed in separate Live Science national survey.

After polling more than 800 college women, the researchers were able to figure out how frequently and when women started feeling negative about their physical appearance. Also, they found when the concern for physical appearance was based on having just seen someone else's images or posts.

The study concluded that women have the tendency to compare themselves with bodies to those of Facebook friends. So, it's Facebook that instills a concern for your appearance.

"We focused on women, and particularly college women, because they are under increased pressure to look a certain way, and for their bodies to have a certain shape. This pressure comes from both media images and interactions with peers", said study author Petya Eckler, a lecturer at the University of Strathclyde in the United Kingdom.

Many studies have been previously conducted to look into negative effects Facebook can have on users. A study suggested last year that spending more time on Facebook increases the feeling of depression while the feeling of well-being decreases.

Petya Eckler, a journalism lecturer at the University of Strathclyde in Scotland, said Facebook users have this strange habit of comparing their bodies with others they know. Social media is more of a trouble than the way to stay connected with your friends, she added.

Eckler, however, said that Facebook usage has no links with eating disorders. The findings of the latest study on the matter will be discussed at a conference of the International Communication Association.

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