Children Get Less Sleep because of TV in Bedroom

Children Get Less Sleep because of TV in Bedroom

A US study has revealed that children who watch TV more than their peers and have TVs in their bedroom are the ones who are more likely to get less sleep. Researchers have found a relationship between increased TV viewing and shorter sleep duration.

Researchers from Mass General Hospital for Children and Harvard School of Public Health conducted the study that involved more than 1,800 children between six months and eight years old. Many children were at a higher risk of getting less sleep because of a television in the room.

In order to conduct a long-term investigation of the health effects of several factors during pregnancy and after birth, the study participants, children and their mothers were enrolled in Project Viva.

The researchers saw the effects of keeping TV in the bedroom of children from six months old to eight years old. It was found that each additional hour of TV viewing led to deprive the sleep by almost seven minutes on daily basis. The effects of TV viewing on sleep were stronger in boys than girls.

The average sleep of racial and ethnic minority children was reduced by around a half-hour per day because of the presence of a bedroom TV.

The study has highlighted the importance of keeping a watch on children for their TV viewing hours, as it has implications for their physical and mental health. The American Academy of Pediatrics has warned that it really bodes ill for children who watch TV while younger than two years of age. Parents have been strictly advised to not allow children younger than two years to watch TV at all. The findings of the study have been published in the journal Pediatrics.

A separate study by the University of Michigan Health system has suggested that children between two and five years spend 32 hours watching TV.

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