Honda shows ASIMO Robot at NY Auto Shows

Honda shows ASIMO Robot at NY Auto Shows

Japanese auto major, Honda has showed off the skills of its Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility robot also known as ASIMO.

The company showed new skills at the New York Auto Show. Soon after the showcasing the new Honda Fit or the Honda Jazz, the Japanese carmaker showcased the latest tricks for the visitors to the auto show. ASIMO is able to run at speeds of up to 9km/hour, it can hop on one leg, climb stairs, and even prepare a drink by opening a container and pouring the liquid into a cup. The robot also hands over the cup to the person.

ASIMO can also dance, jump up and down, kick a ball and shake hands with the people. The latest improvements were added to the robot over the previous few years as the ASIMO project has been around for almost three decades.

A host of improvements were made possible due to its 'eyes' or the two cameras mounted in its head allowing the robot to recognise the objects and complete these tasks. The hands of the robot have also been improved as they can even perform the sign language.

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