NASA Sends Newly Developed Special Pair of Shoes to ISS

NASA Sends Newly Developed Special Pair of Shoes to ISS

NASA does not want its astronauts on space to miss out on exercise. Therefore, the space agency sent a newly developed pair of sandals called ForceShoe into space on Thursday.

The shoes are more like sandals that would be worn by astronauts from the United States, Russia and Germany on the International Space Station (ISS). The shoes designed by XSENS are quite distinct from other shoes as on the bottom of each sole, two force meters are present.

These meters are meant to record load data as the astronaut would carry out his or her workout using the Advanced Resistive Exercise Device (ARED) equipment installed on the International Space Station.

As the ForceShoe provides comprehensive data about workouts, NASA chose it to be sent to the ISS. Being the force meters attached on one's feet, it would allow the collection of data in details including the all the three axes and how even weight is distributed.

The shoes will not become part of the daily routine for NASA astronauts for now as they will be tested on the ISS.

The data gathered during tests would be sent back to ground control for closer analysis. "Crew members will be asked to set the ARED to provide specific loads in the same way they would set loads on a weightlifting machine at the gym", affirmed NASA.

Only after NASA gets completely satisfied that the shoes are providing the best solution available they will then be allowed for regular use. ARED is considered as a sophisticated device, it has helped NASA to come up with better health results for crew members. But there is still progress to be made and the ForceShoe will help them attain that.

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