Cruise introduces first highway autopilot technology for a car

Cruise introduces first highway autopilot technology for a car

A Business Insider report has revealed that San Francisco-based startup Cruise has developed an autopilot which can, eventually, be installed in any ordinary car to turn it into a self-driving car.

The autopilot technology - dubbed Cruise RP-1 - which Cruise has come up with is presently compatible only with Audi A4 or S4s. Cruise RP-1 costs $10,000; and its installation in a car takes a few hours.

The Cruise RP-1 autopilot has three key components --- a sensor pod which is placed on top of the car; a small computer that is mounted in the car's trunk and connected to the car's electrical system; and components that are installed behind the pedals to control the car's auto-steering, acceleration and braking.

As per the Business Insider report, Cruise RP-1 is the very first highway autopilot car technology which is capable of controlling the steering, throttling and braking of a car, to ensure that it safely remains in its lane and also maintains a safe distance from the vehicle ahead.

Noting that the Cruise RP-1 autopilot technology boasts precision steering, adaptive speed control, collision avoidance and advanced car and lane tracking, Cruise co-founder Kyle Vogt said: "We're trying to reuse as many concepts and behaviors as you already have in your car, such as a single button to control the cruise control. Whatever speed you're going becomes the target speed."

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