Qualcomm collaborates with SMIC for 28-nm wafer production in China

Qualcomm collaborates with SMIC for 28-nm wafer production in China

Bigwig US chipmaker Qualcomm revealed in a July 3 news release that it is collaborating with Chinese contract manufacturer Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. (SMIC) for 28-nm wafer production in China.

Qualcomm's collaboration with SMIC, for production of its Snapdragon processors in China, implies that the chipmaker is apparently looking to increase its capacity for future demand. In addition, Qualcomm is also making an evident attempt to improve its relationship with the Chinese government - which had initiated antitrust scrutiny against the US chip giant - especially since China is a key growth market.

Under the terms of the collaboration agreement signed by Qualcomm and SMIC, the chipmaker will chiefly offer support for speeding up SMIC's 28-nm process maturity; while SMIC will manufacture Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon processors on 28-nm node, both PolySiON (PS) and high-K dielectrics metal gate.

The 28-nm wafer production agreement with Qualcomm marks a big win for SMIC, particularly because the company's future growth will largely depend on the advancement of its 28-nm technologies.

About Qualcomm's decision to pick SMIC as its foundry partner in China, a spokesperson of the mobile chip-making firm said: "Qualcomm has been collaborating with SMIC several years and this announcement represents an extension of this relationship to the 28-nm technology node."

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