Women Dressed in Red in Social Gatherings Perceived to be seeking Sex Partner

Women Dressed in Red in Social Gatherings Perceived to be seeking Sex Partner

Women who wear red dresses in parties are perceived negatively by other women, thinking they are looking for a potential partner to have sex. And this fear leads women to guard their partners from the women in red. Yes! This is what a new research has claimed after finding that females wearing erotic red in a social gathering cause other women to prevent their husbands from getting seduced by those clad in red.

Previous studies have also showed that women who wear red are perceived by men as more attractive and sexually receptive. "If you are wearing red, you might be perceived negatively by other women. It will not happen in every situation, but be alert of the signals to other women and men that you are interested in sex", said researchers from University of Rochester in New York, Trnava University in Slovakia and the Slovak Academy of Sciences.

Lead researcher Adam Pazda said that women are very less likely to introduce their boyfriends or spouses to a woman wearing red. There are some colors having the ability to change the way people perceive the ones who wear dresses of those colors, said Adam Pazda, a researcher at the University of Rochester. It is very important for women to know what messages they are sending to others through the colors of the dress they wear.

Researchers have been trying to figure out for long whether it is social conditioning that leads people to perceive women in red as potentially sexual, or association of red with sex is actually attributable to biology, like the blushing of skin during sexual excitement. Many experts are of the belief that it has to do something with a combination of both.

Researchers have also said that the findings of the study should not be mistaken by thinking that all women who wear red signal sexual receptivity.

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