Mysterious Lake Appears in Drought Stricken Region of Tunisia

Mysterious Lake Appears in Drought Stricken Region of Tunisia

It was surprising for local residents to come across a lake in a region of Tunisia in North Africa, as it has been badly struck by drought. Locals were not able to understand how a lake could emerge in the area when there was almost no rain. Experts have suggested that the lake is highly likely to be radioactive and therefore not safe.

The lake appeared around three weeks ago and was spotted by some local shepherds along the Om Layares Road, 25 km away from Gafsa, a city just south of Tunisia. The total volume of the lake has been estimated by local authorities to be one million square meters over a surface of one hectare. The depth of the lake has been estimated as 10 to 18 meters deep.

Many people gathered to get the view of this oasis that locals dub as Lac de Gafsa or Gafsa Beach. People sought a great opportunity to use the lake as a place for fun activities. Families started swimming and youngsters started to leap from rocks to take a dive.

Geologists are of the belief that sudden appearance of the lake could be attributable to seismic activity. Water table must have been disturbed by the seismic disturbance, leading groundwater to rise to the surface, they said.

Gafsa's Office of Public Safety warned the public last week that this lake is not safe for swimming purpose. There are fears that the water could be contaminated or could even be radioactive. But Tunisians have not paid the heed to the warning and continued swimming in the lake.

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