Google pays tribute to John Venn with special Google Doodle

Google pays tribute to John Venn with special Google Doodle

On Monday, Google commemorated the 180th birthday of English philosopher John Venn with a special Google Doodle. The illustration created by Google honors the logician who is widely renowned in the modern world for the 'Venn diagram.'

The Google Doodle in honor of John Venn gives the Google users the ability to interact with the logo as well as create their own Venn diagrams if they want.

For creating Venn diagrams, users can select from a number of subjects, including mammals and sea life. In addition, users can also choose from five different descriptors, for creating a corresponding doodle they desire.

The interactive Google Doodle created as a tribute to John Venn also has a cartoon of the philosopher incorporated into it.

About the objective behind the simple concept of the John Venn Google Doodle, Google said in a blog post: "With a concept this simple, you would think it was all fun and games to design an interactive doodle for John Venn's 180th birthday. And you would be right, but there was also a lot more to it!"

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